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Full steam ahead
Companies in the chemical industry need to know utilities are available when they need them. Electricity, gas, steam and water in the right quantity and quality and at the right price are essential for successful production.

Clean the extreme
Being seen to be environmentally friendly boosts a company’s public image while also increasing its added value. Professional waste and environmental management is an essential part of responsible production in the chemical industry.

Playing it safe
To safeguard their positive image, companies must limit the risk of incidents and their possible consequences. Precautionary measures and reliability in the event of an emergency ensure the protection and safety of people, facilities and the environment.

Reliable testing
When working with chemical products and substances, reliable information on their composition, properties and effects is vital. Whatever the activity – whether production, research or waste management – success depends on analytical results.

Qualified staff are key to your success
According to a basic corporate principle, “staff are our most valuable asset.” The foundation for success lies in training the next generation. By investing in their staff’s potential, companies can arm themselves for the challenges of tomorrow.

The ultimate in high-quality service
A chemical park site has to have more than just a sound infrastructure and a strong network of products and materials to attract companies. Businesses are also looking for a reliable operator and manager to help keep them on the fast track to success.