Environmental services

The wastewater treatment plant at CHEMPARK Leverkusen
The wastewater treatment plant at
CHEMPARK Leverkusen

The safe, cost-effective disposal of chemical waste not only helps a company create value added but also fosters its good reputation. With its state-of-the-art disposal plants, efficient plant and landfill networks, CURRENTA’s Environment Business Unit consistently complies with the statutory requirements made of the chemical industry: we treat biodegradable wastewater, incinerate and landfill hazardous waste and clean containers.

In addition, we advise and support our customers with regard to the construction and operation of disposal installations, the collection and recovery of recyclable materials, environmental audits, logistical issues and all areas relating to the safe disposal of hazardous chemical waste. We provide our services at the CHEMPARK sites, but also make them available to the chemical, steel, automotive and electronics industries on the national and international market. Around 600 employees work at the three locations that form part of CHEMPARK, operating six incineration plants and three wastewater treatment plants, two landfill sites, three collection centers for recyclable products and one cleaning plant for industrial containers, drums, tanker trucks and containers. In these areas, we are supported by the experienced chemical industry logistics company Chemion.