Playing it safe


To safeguard their positive image, companies must limit the risk of incidents and their possible consequences. Precautionary measures and reliability in the event of an emergency ensure the protection and safety of people, facilities and the environment.

CURRENTA supports the international Responsible Care initiative and our safety and security services play an important role in this respect. We are committed to helping you achieve high health and safety standards. Our safety experts have international experience and their know-how is required at the very outset of planning new facilities in order to avert potential hazards before they occur. Our preventive fire protection and property protection specialists will advise you on plant installation, check safety standards, draw up alarm and emergency response plans and provide expert services to help with activities such as inspecting and maintaining safety equipment. Occupational safety and medical services focus on the health of your staff – you can rely on our specialists. 

Reliability and safety go hand in hand  
Even in difficult situations, our customers can rely on our support. The fully trained members of the on-site fire department and the emergency medical service are on standby round the clock. The same applies to the site security service, which is responsible for the security of our chemical park sites. The Safety and Security Control Center is your central point of contact at all times. We are committed to protecting your production facilities and helping to safeguard your know-how.

Lars Friedrich
"The focus should also be on customers when it comes to safety. We are able to satisfy our customers’ safety requirements quickly and reliably with top-quality services and a keen eye on costs. This makes us one of the best in the business and we aim to keep it that way."
Lars Friedrich Safety and Security, Fire Protection