Energy that drives us forward together


Rigid supply models are a thing of the past. Today, our customers require intelligent and future-focused energy concepts that are tailored to their individual needs, conserve resources and lower costs.

We see ourselves as your partner in this process. Our role is to advise and support you in all technical and financial energy-related matters. This helps to safeguard your competitiveness and open up new perspectives.

Reliable energy supply
CURRENTA supplies the production facilities at CHEMPARK with all the utilities they need – including steam, electricity, compressed air, refrigeration, water, natural gas and various technical gases.

We supply the utilities from our own generation plants and in part also by procuring them at the major trading centers. Our extensive electricity networks, networked energy pipelines with a total length of around 1,300 kilometers, and product pipelines totaling 800 kilometers in length contribute to the reliability of supply. These “energy arteries” criss-cross the CHEMPARK sites in Leverkusen, Dormagen and Krefeld-Uerdingen.

Customized solutions
Along with ensuring a reliable supply of energy, an all-embracing and flexible supply, consulting and service concept is also important. This includes, for example, conversion models, price guarantees and structured or even highly flexible portfolio procurement. We work with you to devise the concept best suited to your needs and adapt this as required over time.

The regulatory environment for energy is also constantly changing. We defend the interests of our CHEMPARK customers in the political arena. In emissions trading, for example, we have devised a systematic approach to enable our customers to achieve the optimal allocation of CO2 allowances.

High levels of energy efficiency
We always run our facilities with due consideration of both economic and environmental issues. Highest priority is given to safeguarding natural resources. For example, we generate steam and electricity based on the principle of combined heat and power generation and achieve an efficiency rating of over 80 %. We would be more than happy to advise you on any questions you may have on the efficient use of energy and other products of the Utilities Business Unit.

Dr. Hilarius Zerres

"Utility costs are a decisive factor in determining the success of production companies. Our network provides the best possible conditions for offering utility supplies at competitive market prices with optimal service delivery."

Dr. Hilarius Zerres
Utilities, Business Management