Safety and Security Control Center

Safety and Security Control Center

Our services

Our Safety and Security Control Center is your first point of call for all questions relating to safety-relevant incidents at CHEMPARK. For emergency calls, 112 should be dialed, with 99399 availablefor all other inquiries. Automatic alerts, for example from fire and burglar alarms, car-park barriers and building control systems are also monitored. In the event of an incident, information is passed on to our fire protection, environmental protection and site security teams – an efficient way of supporting emergency response. Our Safety and Security Control Center (SIZE) infrastructure, with its suitably trained personnel, is also available for your use for incidents outside of CHEMPARK.

Our strengths

Our experts are available 24/7. Our local presence means we can integrate local circumstances and neighboring plants that could potentially be affected into the plans. You can also use SIZE to access expertise from other areas of CURRENTA. Thanks to professional equipment, the Safety and Security Control Center is able to respond to every dangerous situation quickly and flexibly. In their training, our employees run through your scenarios on a regular basis, and are therefore prepared for every emergency.

Service details

  • Provision of fire protection and site security response teams when necessary
  • Provision of the Safety and Security Control Center as a permanently manned reporting office and point of contact
  • Provision of a crisis center, equipped with trained personnel and state-of-the-art communications equipment
  • Managers of the various specialist areas of CURRENTA on a standby service with short reaction time
  • Creating action plans that define emergency procedures, taking into account both scenarios specific to your plant and standard procedures
  • Processing scenario-dependent action plans
  • Integrating scenarios into compulsory drills as required by the Major Incidents Ordinance (“Störfallverordnung”)
  • Switching the fire alarm systems to test cycle
  • Timely restarting of the fire alarm systems after testing
  • Initial troubleshooting measures when faults are reported


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