Acoustical consulting

Acoustical consulting

Our services

In addition to a range of services in the field of acoustical engineering, our experienced specialists also provide extensive consulting services. We can, for example, offer procurement recommendations, assess zoning ordinances on the basis of acoustic aspects and advise on planned industrial or residential developments. This provides you with a high degree of legal certainty with regard to acoustic aspects in the planning stage of your projects, thus avoiding subsequent costly modifications.

Our strengths

The development of our acoustical expertise arose naturally from the needs of a large company in relation to various environmental protection and occupational safety issues. Today, small and medium-sized companies increasingly have to deal with these issues too and they can profit from our wealth of expertise.

Service details

  • Preparation of procurement specifications:
    We prepare specifications for the procurement of plant and plant components that take into account the state of the art in noise control engineering and the surrounding conditions.
  • Acoustical planning for zoning ordinances and assessment of existing zoning ordinances:
    Increasingly, the acoustic properties of planning zones are defined in zoning ordinances. These properties must be determined to ensure a balance with both the planned use and the surroundings of the planning zone. In addition, zoning ordinances are reviewed with regard to acoustical requirements that may affect the outcome of a planned project. The potential consequences are evaluated.
  • Acoustical consulting for planned industrial or residential development projects:
    For planned industrial development projects, alternative locations are also assessed in terms of acoustical effects and general conditions and, if necessary, any additional investment is determined. If residential development is planned closer to your facilities, we assess the consequences for continuing operation and the remaining development options.

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