Acute medical care and consulting

Acute medical care and consulting

Our services

Whenever there is an accident or acute illness in the workplace, our physicians and nurses provide care for the patient immediately, either at the scene or in the health care center.

If special treatment is required, the patient is referred to the appropriate consultant. Even after the employee has recovered, we provide support and assistance for rapid reintegration into the workplace.

Our strengths

Our on-site presence enables us to treat sick or injured employees at CHEMPARK itself, meaning this is done quickly and without having to transport the patient long distances.

With various in-house experts (specialist physicians, psychologists, social workers, addiction therapists) at our disposal, we are able to provide complete, cross-disciplinary care from a single source.

Service details

  • Management of all acute health problems in the event of industrial accidents, product contamination and acute illnesses
  • 24-hour on-call service
  • Medical follow-up (diagnosis and therapy) if this is not provided by the physician designated to treat or refer accident victims under the (statutory) procedure
  • Targeted referral to specialist consultants
  • Follow-up treatment and supportive integration into the workplace
  • Support for the incident command in the event of large numbers of injured individuals, e.g. as head emergency physician or advisor to the technical incident command
  • Documentation of first-aid services in a central first-aid book in accordance with § 24 (6) BGV A1

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