Air pollution control

Air pollution control

Our services

Under German air pollution legislation [Bundesimmissionsschutzgesetz, BImSchG], operators of plants requiring permits are in certain circumstances required to appoint an Air Pollution Control Officer. We provide our customers with the services of personnel who assume the responsibilities set out in the BImSchG.  We also offer additional services such as waste air management, drafting of air pollution declarations and reports and HSE reports, and performance of propagation calculations and air pollution forecasts.

Our strengths

Our reputation in this field extends far beyond the boundaries of CURRENTA thanks to our extensive experience and success in this area. We have thorough knowledge of plants and processes at the CHEMPARK sites and extensive expertise in environmental monitoring. We foster close and long-established ties with the regulatory and local authorities and provide a complete range of services for all your environmental issues. On the basis of the associated synergies, we are able to offer effective and efficient customized solutions.

Service details

Air Pollution Control Officer

  • Advice on air pollution issues affecting the planning, construction, operation and closure of plants
  • Information on environmental legal requirements
  • Provision of information on the impact of plant on the environment and on measures/facilities to minimize such impact
  • Involvement in the development/introduction of more environmentally friendly processes and products
  • Regular inspections of plants to ensure compliance with all applicable conditions and regulations
  • Input on investment decisions relevant to the environment and on the use of working procedures/substances
  • Reporting of any defects, with recommendations on ways of achieving improvements
  • Annual reporting on scheduled/implemented measures

Waste air management

  • Support in discussions with the authorities
  • Advice on issues relating to waste air
  • Drafting and updating of a waste air source register
  • Monitoring of emission sources, including the planning of measurements
  • Measurement of emissions, including a survey of current waste air sources

Emission reports

  • Drafting of emission declarations/reports as required by emissions legislation, including hearings before regulatory authorities
  • Drafting of measurement reports to meet the requirements of the state emission control committee (LAI)

Propagation calculations

  • Air pollution forecasts and calculation of flue heights as required by the German air pollution control regulations (TA Luft)

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