Preventive measures concerning corona virus

In order to protect the health of our employees, customers and suppliers and to ensure the continued operation of our business processes, a pandemic framework plan has been drawn up for the entire Currenta GmbH & Co. OHG. This plan sets out binding measures to avoid the risk of infection and hygiene measures in the event of epidemics and pandemics. One part of the pandemic plan is devoted to special measures taken only by the Analytics Division of Currenta GmbH & Co. OHG.
Currenta GmbH & Co. OHG is constantly monitoring and assessing the development of the situation with regard to the new coronavirus COVID-19 and taking into account the recommendations of the various authorities in this current case.

Thanks to the pandemic master plan of Currenta GmbH & Co. OHG and the special measures of the Analytics Division defined in it, we are certain that we will be able to meet our services / obligations to our customers.

Due to the current situation, some delays may occur. We ask for your understanding.

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