Chemical Indicators

Überprüfung einer Probe zur Messung von chemischen Kennzahlen.

Our services in the field of chemical indicators

We offer the determination of individual test points as well as a comprehensive full analysis. This includes:

  • Titrations such as argentometry, photometric titration, redox titrations, complexometric and acid-base titrations
  • Determination of fat parameters e.g. hydroxyl numbers, acid numbers, peroxide numbers, amine numbers, saponification numbers, NCO numbers
  • Determination of oxidation stability
  • Wet chemical methods
  • Water determination according to Karl-Fischer and determination of active water
  • Determination of fluoride by means of ion-selective electrode (Schöniger digestion)
  • Determination of nitrogen by means of Kjeldahl
  • Determination of TOC in the trace range (ultrapure water)

In addition, at CURRENTA Analytik you benefit from all standard methods of instrumental elemental analysis, CHNS/O, trace methods for chlorine, sulfur, nitrogen and fluorine, and combustion ion chromatography (CIC).

This means we characterize raw, intermediate and end products, research samples from pharmaceuticals and chemistry, organic and inorganic substances, as well as polymers, and test all materials used along the value chain.

For you, this means trouble-free operation of your production as well as support in troubleshooting and process development.

Other customers can already ensure the quality of their products with the help of chemical indicators.

How can we support you?

Established quality standards

We meet the established DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 quality standards. Tests and procedures in accordance with GLP and GMP guidelines are an integral part of our work.

Furthermore, at CURRENTA Analytik you benefit from tests according to current Ph. Eur., USP and JP.  We will be happy to discuss everything else with you upon request.

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