Consortium Management


Our services in consortium management

We offer the following services in consortium management:

  • Establishment of the consortium structure
  • Administration and support for contracts (Consortium Agreement, SIEF Agreement)
  • Financial administration, including escrow account if desired
  • Support of Letter of Access (LoA) and Data Access sales for REACH and other regulatory environments (K-REACH, KKIDK, UK-REACH...)
  • Organizing and logging of regular conference calls
  • Support of the consortium on regulatory and analytical issues, i.e. test strategies, preparation of assessments and CSRs, maintenance of IUCLID dossiers, study monitoring, in-house analytics
  • Communication with external service providers and consultants for the consortium

This means that we support consortia in their day-to-day business as well as in regulatory and analytical issues.

You assure that you have a reliable and independent partner at your side to support the consortium in meeting its obligations under the REACH Regulation.

Other customers already benefit from sound advice and comprehensive analytics from a single source.

How can we support you?

Service description

With the introduction of the REACH regulation in 2007, the principle of one substance, one registration applies to the registration of industrial chemicals. In order to avoid multiple studies, especially animal studies, producers and importers are obliged to join forces for a joint registration. The interests and obligations of such a joint registration can be represented under REACH by an association of the most important registrants, the consortium.

Your benefit through our consortium management

Thanks to CURRENTA's consortium management, you will receive support in day-to-day business as well as in regulatory and analytical issues.

Application examples

Other customers were able to establish new consortium structures with the help of CURRENTA Analytics' consortium management.

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