When handling chemical products and materials, reliable information on their composition, properties and effects is vital. Professional, dependable and cost-effective analysis is therefore an essential part of industrial production.

Our analytics expertise covers the entire analytical process chain – from the very start of your research and development projects and the testing of raw materials and feedstocks to release analyses for your end products.

We are able to resolve complex issues for you thanks to our uniquely well-equipped laboratories and our employees’ in-depth knowledge. The results from our laboratories, which are certified to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, make a significant contribution to your market success. Our test certificates are also internationally recognized.

Highly efficient contract laboratory

We offer wide-ranging analytical services for industry. In addition to testing materials and products in line with all standard requirements such as GMP, GLP and REACH and also according to your own specifications, we also develop and validate new methods using a variety of techniques. And we always have our sights set on finding the perfect solution for you.

Our range of techniques, which includes high-end solutions, covers ultra-modern combination methods and structural elucidation tools such as HRMS, NMR spectroscopy and X-ray diffractometry.

We also have a wide-ranging method portfolio in the area of polymer analytics for the analysis of substances and products. This includes spectroscopy, microscopy/surface analysis, titrimetric data and chromatography with combination methods.

Our chemical services

Development and validation of analytical methods

We develop appropriate analytical methods for testing organic and inorganic substances and consult with you to determine the scope of validation. Thanks to our many years of expertise, we can provide you with sound advice and support when it comes to selecting analysis techniques. Further information on development and validation of analytical methods can be found here.

Structural elucidation / Synthesis control

We offer you a wide range of services to support chemical research – from simple 1H-NMR as a rapid spectrum for performing your own analyses to X-ray diffractometry, one of the most effective methods for the structural elucidation of organic compounds. For more information on structural elucidation and synthesis control, click here.

Elemental Analytics

We perform elemental analyses for you and are happy to provide advice on solving analytical tasks. You benefit from the many years of expertise amassed by our specialist teams in analyzing chemical products and from our comprehensive range of cutting-edge equipment. Further information on elemental analytics can be found here.


We help you with analytical issues involved in the production of crop protection agents. We have extensive experience of batch inspections, production monitoring and incoming raw material inspections. Further information on agrochemicals can be found here.

Environmental analytics

We analyze the environmental compartments of water and air for you. If an incident occurs, we perform all the requisite analyses and evaluations. Our specialists are experts at identifying and quantifying organic and inorganic substances. Further information on environmental analytics can be found here.

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