Analytics for Agrochemistry

Analytik für die Agrochemie

The field of agrochemistry is specialized in analytical questions concerning the production of plant protection products (active ingredients and formulations). This include final batch inspections, continuous production process monitoring and incoming raw material analysis.

We have many years of experience and comprehensive expertise in agrochemicals across all classes of substances. Thanks to our analytical know-how, we are able to provide support along the entire process chain and for development and certification activities.

Our laboratories comply with the standards of DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. Our top priority in terms of quality is to ensure customer satisfaction. To this end, we are constantly striving to improve our work processes in order to optimize efficiency and minimize costs. We also work with national and international committees dedicated to the analysis of crop protection products (DAPA/CIPAC) and participate in their cooperative test programs.

Smooth agrochemical production process

Sampling a tank trailer
Sampling a tank trailer

With our wide range of methods, which includes the common chromatographic, physical and chemical analytical procedures, we cover the typical tasks of process and final control in agrochemistry and guarantee a smooth production flow. Of course, our range of services also includes sampling, sample retention under defined conditions and the preparation of certificates.

We have extensive expertise in the area of instrumental thin-layer chromatography using AMD technology and are your professional partner for contamination/cross-contamination tests and screening (e.g. universal screening for crop protection products in drinking water and screening for contamination after product changeovers).

We develop customized solutions for all your analytical issues in the field of agrochemistry. We provide you with method development and validation based on international standards or your own specifications and produce documentation in line with official regulations from a single source.

We offer the following packages:

  • Sample logistics package: Sampling, sample retention and disposal
  • Incoming goods inspection package: Sampling, certificate verification and identity check
  • Screening package: Screening for contamination in crop protection products
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