Development and Validation of Analytical Methods

Entwicklung und Validierung von Analysenmethoden Chemie

Within the scope of your research and development work, testing of organic and inorganic substances is indispensable. Information on composition, properties and effects are tested. In addition, the increasingly strict requirements of the authorities must be taken into account.

We support you with a wide range of methods and techniques up to the high-end range in order to analyze products reliably and efficiently for their main and partly unknown secondary components as well as degradation products. For us, reliability of the analyses also means that we check the performance of the measuring methods in close cooperation with you by carrying out a validation. With our results we would like to contribute to the improvement of products and processes.

Quality requirements

A good analysis does not start with sample preparation or measurement, but with understanding your problem. Thanks to their expertise and product knowledge, our experienced analysts are able to provide you with the best solution. Together with you, we coordinate the methods, if desired, of course also under the requirements of GLP and REACH.

Extensive range of analytical techniques

As one of the big players in chemical analysis, we can fall back a very broad spectrum of methods. This enables us to guarantee a maximum of flexibility and quality. For your analytical problems we can offer you competent solutions and the appropriate measurement techniques, from the ultra-trace range to the percentage range.

You can find an overview of the CURRENTA Analytik method pool here.

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