Air Analysis

CURRENTA air analysis is a nationwide measuring body notified and accredited in accordance with §29b of the Federal Immission Control Act. Sampling and analysis are carried out as standard in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. We are certified for all measurements in accordance with TA-Luft, 13th BImSchV, 17th BImSchV and 27th BImSchV.

We will gladly prepare measurement plans according to DIN EN 15259 and (measurement) reports according to VDI 4220 for measurements ordered by authorities. For environmental studies of areas that are not regulated by law, individual reports are created according your needs.

We can cover the execution of pre-pollution measurements within the scope of approval procedures for the recording of air quality according to the 39th BImSchV. Furthermore, the realization of spot and continuous measurements in the field of immission by special measurement requirements for the approval of new plants or research projects.

With our experience and our broad product portfolio, we support you in the realization of measurement concepts according to your requirements!

Emission measurements

Flue gas boundary conditions

Determination of the volume flow DIN EN ISO 16911

Determination of exhaust air humidity according to DIN EN 14790

Total carbon according to DIN 12619

Measurement of total organic carbon compounds (total org. C) according to DIN 12619

Flue gases

Determination of the mass concentration of carbon monoxide according to DIN EN 15058

Determination of the volume concentration of carbon dioxide and determination of the mass concentration of nitrogen oxides (NOx) according to DIN EN 14792

Determination of the volume concentration of oxygen according to DIN EN 14789

Enriching sampling

Chlorides according to DIN EN 1911

Sulfur oxide according to DIN EN 14791

Sulfur trioxide according to VDI 2462

PCDDs according to DIN EN 1948

Determination of volatile organic compounds according to DIN ISO 16017,

VDI 2457 and DIN EN 13649 or via micro GC by on-site analysis

Determination of aliphatic and aromatic aldehydes and ketones by the DNPH method according to VDI 3862

Determination of ammonia according to VDI3878 or VDI3496

Determination of hydrogen fluoride according to VDI 2470

Determination of isocyanates according to BGIA 7120 46th ed.

Determination of aniline

Determination of phosgene

Determination of carboxylic acids

Determination of mercury according to VDI 2268

Determination of hydrazine

Determination of permanent gases

Particulate matter

Determination of dust mass concentration according to DIN EN 13284 and VDI 2066

Determination of metals in dusts according to DIN EN 14385

Immission measurements

Determination of gaseous organic single compounds by thermal desorption according to DIN CEN-TS 13649

Determination of dust precipitation according to Bergerhoff in compliance with VDI 4320

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