Ecotoxicological Material Tests


Our range of services in the field of ecotoxicology

We offer you the necessary ecotoxicological data sets for the registration, authorization and/or evaluation of substances.

This means that we advise and accompany you from the planning stage through the test implementation to the evaluation and summary of the results in accordance with the specifications of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

For you, this means the successful registration of your substances.

Other customers have been able to successfully register complex substances (UVCB).

How can we support you?

Service description

Authorities all over the world demand extensive ecotoxicological datasets before substances can be registered, approved and/or evaluated. In the European Union, for example, industrial chemicals have to be registered in accordance with the REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2008. This defines, in Annexes VII through X, which studies are to be carried out, depending on the tonnage produced or used.

Which studies need to be carried out? Which studies can be dispensed with in justified cases? How can the required studies be carried out in a targeted way?

The corresponding chemical analyses for your studies are carried out by qualified analysts in competent analytical laboratories. As a result, we can also offer you a high level of expertise in this regard, e.g. for complex substances (UVCB), and develop methods that enable even trace quantities to be analyzed if necessary.

The CURRENTA ecotoxicological laboratory is accredited to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025. We conduct and document our studies in accordance with the applicable GLP regulations.

OECD Guideline
Study name REACH Annex
Freshwater Alga and Cyanobacteria, Growth Inhibition Test
VII (9.1.2)
Daphnia, Acute Immobilization Test
VII (9.1.1)
Daphnia, Chronic (Reproduction) Test
IX (9.1.5)
Fish, Acute Toxicity Test
VIII (9.1.3)
Activated Sludge, Respiration Inhibition Test (Carbon and Ammonium Oxidation)
VIII (9.1.4)
Ready biodegradability
(z.B. Closed Bottle, OECD 301D, Manometric Respiratory, OECD 301F)
Inherent biodegradability
(z.B. Modified MITI (II), OECD 302C, Zahn-Wellens / EMPA, OECD 302B)
VIII (9.2)


Your benefit from our ecotoxicological material tests

Thanks to CURRENTA Analytics' ecotoxicological material testing, you comply with the specifications of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and can successfully register your materials.

Application examples

Other clients have already benefited from our advice by avoiding superfluous studies.

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