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Our Consulting Services

The best possible registration and test strategy is vital for the successful registration of industrial chemicals and biocides. Careful data analyses avoid superfluous studies, which also cuts registration costs.

In addition to consulting, we also conduct the relevant regulatory studies for industrial chemicals, biocides and crop protection agents. These include testing active ingredients’ physico-chemical data, identity verifications, ecotoxicological analyses and validation of analytical methods for all national and international guidelines and requirements.

REACH and Biocides

We advise you on issues relating to REACH and biocide regulations and work with you to develop an appropriate strategy. We offer you comprehensive advice or, if you wish, specific services. Further information on REACH and Biocides can be found here.

The REACH process

Regulatory Studies

To comply with your registration requirements, studies normally need to be submitted to the authorities. These need to be conducted in line with national or international standards. We offer a wide selection of studies to determine physico-chemical characteristics, environmental performance and ecotoxicological properties. Further information on regulatory studies can be found here.

Service description

Industrial chemicals and biocides should be as non-detrimental as possible to humankind and the environment. Consequently, most chemical substances need to be registered with the authorities before they are allowed on the market.

With their many years of experience and wide-ranging specialist knowledge, CURRENTA Analytics experts will help you successfully launch your product in compliance with national, European and international requirements.

REACH Authorization

To ensure that industrial chemicals do not pose a risk to humankind and the environment, chemical substances are authorized in three stages that are governed by the REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) Regulation.

  1. Registration:
    Manufacturers and importers of chemicals analyze chemical substances and register them with the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency).
  2. Evaluation:
    The authorities check companies’ registrations, inspecting the quality of 5 percent of all registration dossiers. In addition to this, selected chemicals are assessed with regard to their properties of high concern and risk factors for humankind and the environment.
  3. Authorization and restriction:
    Although most chemicals do not need to be licensed in Europe, REACH requires substances of very high concern (SVHC) to be authorized. The ECHA can issue an authorization for these substances on request as long as the applicant proves that the chemical’s risks are manageable or the socio-economic benefits outweigh these risks. A restriction applies if the manufacture, marketing and use of the chemical is banned or restricted.
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