Special End-Use-Specific Tests

CURRENTA fire technology special tets

The experimental investigation of real fire scenarios can be of essential importance for a fire protection assessment of vehicles, plants and buildings if normative classifications are not appropriate. Under the influence of practical ignition initials, the type and extent of fire formation, development and propagation as well as the optical density and toxicity of the smoke gases can be analysed for specific objects.

The fire technological material behaviour depends on many, partly interactive parameters. The ignition, flame propagation and dripping behaviour as well as the heat release, smoke gas toxicity and smoke density potential are determined not only by the chemical and physical properties of the product but also by environmental factors (thermal conditions, ventilation conditions, etc.).

Normative fire technology product assessments are carried out using test methods that typically only reflect a specific stress situation. For special product applications, these blanket assessment approaches alone do not lead to risk-based assessments.

We examine the fire performance spectrum of your product under consideration of the real boundary conditions. On the basis of these test results, risk assessments can be prepared and any necessary compensation measures developed.

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