Plastic Infrared Spectroscopy


Thanks to our CURRENTA Analytics laboratory certified to DIN EN ISO / EC 17025-2005, we can run tests for various analytical issues in the plastics industry, the results of which can also be used in reports.

Analyzing film surfaces

The 16 light-sensitive cells of the high-resolution infrared microscope can all be used simultaneously to analyze an area, completing the process sixteen times faster than an individual cell.

With this method, it is possible to determine why plastic films that are glued together loosen over time, for example. Analyzing the film surface at up to 10 measuring points produces statistically reliable data for the lack of adhesion. The material failure that follows can be traced back to the low level of adhesion on 30% of the film surface.



See figure: The high-resolution IR microscope is able to detect contamination in the form of adhesive residues (green-blue ellipses) on a plastic surface (orange).

Research into adhesive applications for the construction industry

IR microscopy is also an effective way of exploring innovative new adhesive applications for the construction industry. In our laboratory for surface and solid-state analysis, we check the penetration depth of the adhesive and the effectiveness of the bond in wood-based materials. Coloration makes it possible to map the cavities penetrated by and filled with adhesive and the new chemical compounds produced by the adhesive and wood, with a resolution of up to 2 micrometers.

See figure: The infrared microscopic image shows the bonding joint (red) and the pores filled with adhesive on the cross-section across the annular rings of beech wood (blue). The areas marked in green represent a newly formed compound of wood cells and adhesive. The areas marked in black show wood pores without adhesive filling.

Analysis results – fast and accurate

We deliver all analysis results quickly and accurately. On top of that, we also interpret the analytical data, as consulting services and specialist market and industry knowledge are becoming increasingly important. Thanks to the skills and experience of the specialists working in the CURRENTA laboratory, not to mention our state-of-the-art analytical equipment, we’re able to develop customized solutions to customer problems.

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