Method Portfolio

Kontrolle von Proben in der Elementanalytik.

Virtually all elements can be determined in the concentration range from 100% for content determination down to the ng/kg range for ultrapure substances. This is made possible thanks to the following cutting-edge instrumental analytics methods in our portfolio:

  • Flame atomic absorption spectrometry (F-AAS)
  • Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry (GF-AAS) Hydride atomic absorption spectrometry (H-AAS)
  • Cold vapor atomic absorption spectrometry (CV-AAS)
  • Inductively coupled plasma – optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES)
  • Inductively coupled plasma – mass spectrometry (ICP-MS)
  • X-ray fluorescence analysis (RFA)
  • Elemental analysis (C, H, N, O, S, F, Cl, Br)
  • Ion chromatography (IC)
  • Photometry
  • Polarography

The type of sample, its composition, solubility and quantity are key factors that influence the measuring sensitivity / achievable detection limit. The work involved in an analysis also depends on whether the sample material is liquid or solid, whether direct measurement is possible or whether a breakdown is necessary. For most elements, numerous quantitative measuring methods are available for a wide range of concentration ranges.

Sample preparation methods in our portfolio

As a rule, all determinations are offered as double determinations. Standard sample preparation (e.g. dissolving) is included in all services. Our method portfolio enables us to carry out more complex sample preparations as required. For this, we use almost the full range of available digestion types, mechanical preparation and reagents, including:

  • Various mills and jaw crushers
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Microwave-assisted high-pressure digestion (HNO3, HCl, HClO4, HF, H2SO4, etc.)
  • Open wet digestions
  • Oxygen combustion
  • Schöniger digestion
  • Elution in line with DIN EN 71-3, etc.
  • Digestions using sodium peroxide, etc.
  • Basic digestions
  • Kjeldahl digestion
  • Devarda reduction
  • Fusions
  • Steam distillation for substances containing fluoride

We also offer numerous classic “wet chemical” analytical methods, such as volumetric and gravimetric analysis (for ash content, sulfate ash content, dry matter, loss on drying, evaporation residue, etc.). Trust us with your complex issues – we’re up to the challenge!

Find out more about the elements here.


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