Physical Methods

Oven for gravimetric determinations

Our services in the field of physical methods

We offer various key physical data analyses. These include:

  • Key figures such as color index, melting point, densities of solids and liquids
  • Viscosity: kinematic (Ubbelohde) or dynamic viscosity (rotation, Brookfield) for liquids as well as solution viscosity of solids
  • Thermal analysis: key figures such as glass temperatures, boiling points, melting and crystallization behavior
  • Particle size determination using sieve analysis, laser diffraction and analytical ultracentrifugation
  • Gravimetric determinations (loss on drying, ash content, dry substance, evaporation residue)
  • Photometry, turbidity, polarimetry (rotation values) and fluorescence spectroscopy

This means that your raw, intermediate and end products, research samples from pharmaceuticals and chemistry, as well as organic and inorganic substances can be clearly characterized by our broad portfolio..

For you, this means one-stop quality testing from purchased goods to intermediates to sales products.

Other customers can already save costs and resources through our contribution to the quality assurance of their production processes.

How can we support you?

Guidelines and quality standards

We meet the established DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 quality standards. Tests and procedures in accordance with GLP and GMP guidelines are an integral part of our work.

Furthermore, at CURRENTA Analytik you benefit from tests according to current Ph. Eur., USP and JP. We will be happy to discuss everything else with you on request.

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