Physical Methods

Polarimeter zur Messung von Drehwinkeln

Key physical data can be used to unambiguously characterize organic and inorganic substances. We offer a broad portfolio of suitable methods for this purpose. In this way, we help ensure the quality of your production processes.

Thanks to our wide-ranging portfolio of methods, you benefit from quality tests from a single source – for purchasing products, intermediates and sales products. If necessary, we can perform all the requisite analyses and evaluations.

We meet the established DIN EN ISO 17025 quality standards. Tests and procedures in accordance with GLP and GMP guidelines are an integral part of our work.

The physical procedures we offer in detail

We are the people to come to for traditional substance data such as color index, density, melting point and viscosity. We can analyze the kinematic (Ubbelohde) or dynamic viscosity (rotation, falling ball, Brookfield) of liquids, determine the tamped density or solution viscosity of solids, and take into account special features regarding temperature or solvents depending on the specifics of your request.

The thermal analysis provides you with information on the melting and crystallization behavior of your sample, which can be used to determine a variety of characteristics – most notably the glass transition temperature and the purity of your product.

If you have a dispersion in a liquid or solid matrix and would like to have the size of the particle collective measured, we will provide you with several tried-and-tested methods for determining particle size. Particles up to 1 nm in length can be measured using analytical ultracentrifugationLaser diffraction can be used to quickly determine representative particle sizes in a dry mixture or an aqueous or organic suspension. We take relevant standards into account and can (further) develop methods upon request. Imaging and counting methods from the field of microscopy are also included in our portfolio.

As part of our range of services, we also identify chemical characteristics and conduct tests in accordance with current Ph. Eur., USP and JP.

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