Speciation Analysis

Speciation Analysis

Our services in the field of speciation analysis

We offer liquid chromatographic separation coupled with a mass spectrometric system (LC-ICP-MS) for speciation analysis.

This means that we can analyse elements of different oxidation states and bonding forms up to the ultratrace range.

You assure the identification of different element species and their quantification in your products.

Other customers have already benefited from our services in the field of arsenic speciation.

How can we support you?

Service description

An element can exist in different species (e.g. different bonding forms, oxidation states, mobilities, bioavailabilities and toxicities, etc.). Speciation analysis deals with the investigation of the different species of an element, as the properties can vary greatly. In order to meet the high demands on selectivity and sensitivity, CURRENTA Analytics relies on the coupling of HPLC and ICP-MS. The coupling is characterised by its high sensitivity and low detection limits.

QC-Level Techniken Probenmatrices
Research, DIN
EN ISO/IEC 17025 and GMP conditions
Coupling of HPLC and ICP-MS

Different matrices (e.g. for arsenic determination in urine or bromine and
iodine species in aqueous solutions and brines)

Your benefit from the coupling of LC-ICP-MS

CURRENTA speciation analysis enables you to identify various elemental species and quantify them in your products.

Application example

Do you already determine the total content of the various elements in your products, but suspect that there are several element species hidden behind them that are of increased interest to you?

We are always interested in expanding our method portfolio in a customer-centric way. Together we will develop customised speciation methods in your sample matrices.


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