Building and room acoustics

Building and room acoustics

Our services

To safeguard confidentiality in offices and conference rooms, special architectural acoustic measures (acoustic insulation) are essential. In open-plan offices, room acoustic measures are required. Footfall sound insulation is an aspect that must also be considered. A further application for room acoustics is ensuring the clarity of speech and music, with the particular focus here on conference and lecture rooms and also concert halls. Our services help create a pleasant atmosphere in your offices and also protect your employees from excessive noise levels.

Our strengths

Our team includes a publicly appointed and sworn noise control officer, which means we can provide you with appropriate expert advice on all aspects of building and room acoustics. We can also offer noise control certificates in conjunction with sound emission and pollution prognoses.

Service details

  • Determining and evaluating acoustic insulation between adjacent rooms (footfall sound insulation between floors)
  • Advice to owners regarding necessary and technically/economically feasible conditions for the practical use of buildings
  • Advice to building contractors regarding possible designs for meeting defined requirements, also taking into account the integrated building systems (such as ventilation, heating, elevators)
  • Evaluation of room acoustics on the basis of reverberation tests and actual measurements to determine speech clarity and echo effects
  • Development of measures to improve room acoustics
  • Expert reports (permissible in court) on noise control in buildings

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