Chemical Characterization

Chemical Characterization

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The determination of chemical characteristics is required in many areas - quality assurance, research & development, the analysis of samples from the competition and workplace and environmental monitoring - and includes both gravimetric and volumetric determination methods.

Chemical characterization methods are used to characterize organic and inorganic substances as well as polymers using standardized methods. In the capacity of a contract laboratory we support your production process by testing all materials along the value chain.

Our strengths

We are there for you around the clock, if necessary, and can perform all the necessary analyses and evaluations promptly.

We meet the requirements of the quality standards established by DIN EN ISO 17025. All our tests and procedures also comply with GLP and GMP guidelines.

Service details

Titration by means of

  • Argentometry
  • Complexometric titration
  • Acid-base titration
  • Iodometry
  • Bromometry
  • Bromatometry
  • Redox titration
  • Diazotation
  • Oximation

Karl Fischer titration


Gravimetric measurements by means of

  • Ash content
  • Sulfate ash content
  • Dry substance
  • Drying loss
  • Dry residue

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