CHEMPARK Documentation and Development Planning

CHEMPARK Documentation and Development Planning

Our services

Up-to-date site documentation provides the basis for preparing and implementing construction projects. In performing development planning we use these data taking into account the needs of CHEMPARK companies, the real estate owner and the infrastructure operators (especially CURRENTA), thus ensuring that development at CHEMPARK follows ordered plans and safeguarding project-related planning. Inventory data on site and infrastructure facilities (geodata) e.g. for the purpose of implementation and detailed engineering or as the basis for initial deliberations or rough planning complete our portfolio.

Our strengths

We have extensive knowledge of all planning activities at CHEMPARK and support planning projects through our close contacts with authorities, real estate owners and other operators, harmonizing your requirements with the site-specific demands of CHEMPARK. We have access to up-to-date site inventory data and to archived plans and construction drawings. In addition to engineering surveys we also offer all special surveys using 3D laser scanning and GPS, for example.

Service details

Site planning and land management

  • Consultancy and procurement of documents e.g. regarding urban development planning, legally stipulated distances incl. infrastructural suitability testing
  • Optimization and harmonization of specific project development plans

Development and infrastructure planning

  • Routing of general supply and disposal systems and project-related development or project planning (assembly, routing, underground coordination etc.) incl. consultancy and binding definition of all spatial components (location, height, geometry) and handling of permit certificates
  • Coordination and processing to update the public land survey register or adjust real estate use contracts
  • 3D visualizations and views


  • Construction, control and as-built surveying
  • Plant, machinery and pipeline surveying
  • Evidence preservation measurements, deformation and subsidence measurements
  •  Special surveying, e.g. 3-D laser scanning, GPS surveying, surveying of rail track and sewers

Site documentation and provision of geobasis data

  • Continuation and maintenance of existing spatial information systems, databases and digital CAD site inventory plans
  • Geodata management: Procurement, evaluation and analysis and regularly scheduled or demand-oriented provision of (thematic) geodata in requested data formats (plan, CAD, database)
  • Operation and customer-specific adaptation of a geodata portal incl. user-specific filesharing, web mapping or Internet-supported process routines
  • Drafting of special theme-related plans (e.g. plant emergency response plans)

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