CHEMPARK Operating Bases

CHEMPARK Operating Bases

Our services

As an enterprise working for customers at the CHEMPARK sites, you can set up bases for your companies on specially allocated areas. You can store material there and set up containers and lightweight assembly halls in line with your requirements. Depending on the site in question and your requirements, we can also supply you with the necessary utilities and dispose of your waste.

Our strengths

We provide plots of land enabling you to set up operating bases close to your customers as required. We have the necessary resources and offer you the room you need to develop your potential so that you can further expand your business. Site-specific utility and disposal services round off our offer.

Service details

  • Provision of storage space for materials and containers
  • Supply of utilities (three-phase alternating current 400 V, alternating current 230 V, steam, water - depending on site)
  • Disposal of waste (household refuse)

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