Our services

Permits from the regulatory authorities are required for virtually all types of plant that are installed and operated. The regulations / statutory requirements that have to be satisfied cover a wide range of aspects – construction, emission control, wastewater and waste, occupational health and plant safety. We offer comprehensive advice and management services for the whole spectrum. This includes information on permit legislation, as well as the management of all dealings with the authorities. Our full service means that problems arising in the course of permit procedures are handled in the best possible way.

Our strengths

We provide all services required to ensure that permit procedures run smoothly. You need only deal with us. Our personnel have an in-depth knowledge of plant and process technology. In addition, we have experience of special aspects of permit legislation such as permits for multi-purpose plants and those handling a variety of substances, as well as procedures in the case of plants involving genetic engineering. We have close and proven contacts with the authorities and local communities.

Service details

Core services

  • Advice and management services for permit legislation and changes to regulations
  • Information on the permit status of the plant and/or site
  • Review and evaluation of applications for plant construction in terms of the relevance of other legal areas
  • Evaluation of modifications to plant in terms of their relevance to permits
  • Discussions with the regulatory authorities, participation in inspections by the authorities and issue of statements to the authorities if necessary
  • Archiving and storage of the original documents for all permits granted, including the associated correspondence and safety reports for the general public
  • Tracking of deadlines within the framework of permit procedures (deadlines for lodging appeals against decisions and for the installation and start-up of plants)
  • Drafting of plant logbooks under VAwS [Regulations governing plant in which substances that are hazardous to water are handled]
  • Support in the drafting and updating of the safety report under the StörfallV [Major Incidents Regulations]


Project services

  • Co-ordination of the work of all contractors
  • Support in the drafting of documents
  • Management of dealings with the authorities
  • Examination of notifications by the authorities and lodging of an appeal against unfavorable decisions

  • Investigation and assessment of incidents
  • Permits: notification/application procedures
  • Permits: core services
  • Special permit services
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