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Imperial Chemical Logistics GmbH

As one of the leading logistics partners of the chemical industry in Europe, Imperial is also represented at the CHEMPARK sites in Krefeld-Uerdingen, Dormagen and Leverkusen. For a number of years, Imperial has been operating a state-of the-art chemical logistics center in Krefeld-Uerdingen. Key aspects of the company’s scope of services, besides storing liquid and packaged chemicals, are packaging – with annual capacity exceeding 35,000 metric tons in Krefeld-Uerdingen. Furthermore Imperial undertakes the plant logistics in the CHEMPARK Krefeld-Uerdingen, Dormagen and Leverkusen including supply and disposal services for individual production facilities covering raw materials and finished products and ensures with its services performed close to production like packaging and blending further added value. As a specialty logistics service provider, Imperial offers its customers a wide range of logistical services along the entire supply chain, particularly in the area of chemical manufacturing, road logistics as well as distribution and special services, various tailor-made logistics services and other services along the supply chain.

ContactDan Vollmer
CompanyImperial Chemical Logistics GmbH

CHEMPARK Krefeld-Uerdingen
Rheinuferstrasse 7-9
D-47829 Krefeld

Phone+ 49-2151 / 88 2371
Fax+49 2151 / 88 7682

As at: 12/2020

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