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Indulor Leverkusen GmbH & Co. KG

Indulor Leverkusen GmbH & Co. KG, a subsidiary of the Indulor group, is the European market leader for Optical Brighteners (Fluorescent Whitening Agents). The Optical Brighteners that are produced in the CHEMPARK in Leverkusen are mainly used for the brightening of cellulose fibers. The biggest portion is used by the paper industry.

Indulor Leverkusen GmbH looks back on a long history. The invention of the Optical Brighteners dates back more than 70 years. At that time, Bayer had developed the Optical Brighteners, and had placed them on the market under the trade name BLANKOPHOR®. Nowadays, the trademark BLANKOPHOR® still represents these well-known and established products.

Optical Brighteners are substances with the ability to absorb ultraviolet light, e.g. from daylight. The absorbed energy is then emitted as blue, fluorescent light. By this mechanism, the yellowish tint of paper can be compensated and the brightness can be improved.

Indulor Leverkusen GmbH runs a production facility for this product class in the CHEMPARK Leverkusen, which is the biggest and the latest one in Europe. Our business model is based on products of high stability and quality on one hand, and on innovation, know-how and application support for our customers on the other hand.

ContactSusanne Tulke
CompanyIndulor Leverkusen GmbH & Co. KG

Postfach 10 02 40
D-51302 Leverkusen

Phone+49 214 / 206952-0
Fax+49 214 / 206952-11

As at: 12/2020

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