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SIDRA Wasserchemie GmbH

SIDRA Wasserchemie GmbH was founded in 1981 in Ibbenbüren. Ten years later, SIDRA Wasserchemie Bitterfeld GmbH was opened. At the time, it was the first newly built production plant in the Bitterfeld chemical park after the reunion of Germany. At each of the two locations, approximately 30 employees work, including trainees in production and administration.

SIDRA is a medium-sized company in the chemical industry, which is specialized in water purification. SIDRA produces and sells liquid precipitation chemicals based on trivalent iron salts, especially iron-III-chloride solutions, for water treatment and wastewater treatment.
Acid and alkaline aluminum salt solutions, tailor-made products for individual customer requirements as well as modified iron chloride solutions expand the product range of SIDRA Wasserchemie GmbH. This results in a broad customer base.

SIDRA supplies all sectors, mainly for water treatment, whether drinking water, industrial waste water or municipal waste water. Thus, municipalities, water associations, sewage treatment plants, biogas plants as well as industry belong to the customers of SIDRA Wasserchemie GmbH.

ContactMichael Steinigeweg
CompanySIDRA Wasserchemie GmbH

Sidra Wasserchemie GmbH
Zeppelinstrasse 27
D-49479 Ibbenbüren

Phone+49 5459 54-20
Fax+49 5459 54 54

As at: 10/2022

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