Company fire protection training

Company fire protection training

Our services

We can provide you with company training courses and safety drills. These form an important part of emergency response management and so help to keep up the high safety standards at CHEMPARK. Our training courses are based on statutory regulations and the regulations of the statutory accident insurance and prevention institutions and are agreed with the relevant authorities. Every CHEMPARK site has suitable seminar rooms and qualified personnel. The certificates and authorizations we issue, e.g. for wearers of breathing apparatus and security officers, are valid at all CHEMPARK sites.

Our strengths

We are on site and know all the companies and facilities at CHEMPARK. We can also involve neighboring plants and experts from other departments (e.g. Occupational Safety, Environmental Protection, Medical) in the drills. In this way, hazardous situations can be reproduced extremely realistically.

Our employees are incorporated into the response teams and in other service sections related to safety and security. Our close collaboration with other departments ensures that current safety regulations are always covered in the training sessions.

Service details

  • Agreeing dates and deadlines
  • Coordinating the involvement of other specialist departments and participation of neighboring companies of CHEMPARK
  • Preparing and planning training sessions in coordination with the production unit; if necessary, drawing up drill documentation, presentation slides for simulations etc.
  • Evaluation and documentation

Training employees to be:

  • Wearers of respiratory equipment / chemical protection suits
    Content includes: theoretical instruction in respiratory protection, including an understanding of toxic substances; physiological aspects; protective effects; practical training; decontamination and correct packaging of chemical protective suits
  • Fire officers
    Content includes: Tasks of the fire officer; methods of raising the alarm; role of Incident Command; warning concepts
  • Security officers
    Content includes: Certification processes; tasks of security officers; handling explosion warning equipment, oxygen sensors and detector tubes; use of safety harnesses; fire classes and types of fire extinguishers and fire extinguishing agents; behavior in the event of accidents and fires; fire-fighting drills

We carry out the following emergency drills:

  • Evacuation drills
  • External alarms
  • Emergency shut-down drills
  • Technical drills
  • Fire department response drills
  • Simulations and Incident Command drills
  • Crisis management drills
  • Drills with authorities

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