Compressed air

Compressed air

Our services

Our closely meshed compressed air networks enable us to supply companies at the CHEMPARK sites reliably and comprehensively with control air as well as standard and high-pressure compressed air.  Redundant generation plants ensure the high availability of compressed air for our customers.

Our strengths

We offer demand-based capacities in terms of generation plants and networks. A central system for generating compressed air with its own power reserves means that customers don't need their own compressor plants and ensures that they benefit from a stable and cost-effective supply. Our comprehensive service provided by staff with many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of each site ranges from advice on the use of compressed air to support in the development of customized solutions.

Service details

  • Full-service compressed air supply (standard and high pressure, control air)
  • Closely meshed distribution networks for widespread site supply
  • Advice on compressed air
  • Permanently manned control station
  • Pressure levels for compressed/control air (by site) can be found under
  • Specific CURRENTA Utilities services for "compressed air" can be found under "".

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