Our services

When new substances such as industrial chemicals, crop protection agents or biocides are introduced to the market, they must meet the strict criteria of the Chemicals Act. For registration and notifications or new as well as existing substances we research and assess the chemical, physical, ecotoxicological and toxicological effects of a substance. After identifying the gaps in the available data we create an optimized test program for you that meets all applicable requirements. We coordinate all activities, prepare documentation ready for filing with the authorities and support you through the successful completion of the licensing process.

Our strengths

You get all the services you need from a single source. If necessary, we work with additional internal and external experts as well as institutions.

We have many years of experience as well as extensive contacts and are intimately familiar with the applicable legal requirements. As a result of our involvement in standardization organizations and industrial associations we get the earliest possible notification of future developments.

Service details

  • Consulting
  • Determination of data requirements
  • Survey of available data
  • Literature searches
  • Identification of gaps in the existing data
  • Verification of material safety data sheets
  • Recommendation of an intelligent testing strategy (category approach, waiving, read-across, QSAR calculations)
  • Planning and execution of all necessary studies (PC data, ecotoxicology, environmental compatibility and toxicology*)
  • Preparation of registration documentation (including IUCLID, chemical safety report)
  • Preparation of exposure estimates and risk assessments
  • Filing of the registration documentation
  • Responses to questions from licensing authorities
  • Active product defense, including in evaluation and authorization procedures
  • Consortium management

* These tests are conducted by qualified partner institutes.

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