Crisis management

Crisis management

Our services

One of the most important responsibilities of a facility operator is to have effective emergency response planning in place. These plans include measures that should be taken in a dangerous situation, and name the responsible persons and offices. We work together to design an effective concept that meets the respective requirements and is approved by the authorities. We also train your staff in how to behave if an incident occurs and provide you with a hotline for communicating with the public, manned by our specially trained skilled workers.

Our strengths

Our employees' practical experience allows us to develop in-depth and realistic concepts that are embedded in CHEMPARK emergency response planning. The Safety and Security Control Center is a hub, coordinating the interaction of all emergency response personnel – in drills and real incidents.
We are on site and know the companies and facilities at CHEMPARK. We can involve both neighboring plants and experts from other departments in the drills.
As chemical park operators, we have years of experience in how sensitive information must be communicated outwards. We are pleased to pass this knowledge on to you.

Service details

  • Emergency response concept as a framework or plan for the relevant plant or operating area
  • Standardized structuring and coordination of the various emergency response plans at CHEMPARK
  • Testing the plans through drills and continuous improvement
  • Coordinating the involvement of other specialist departments and/or participation of neighboring companies at CHEMPARK
  • Preparing and planning drills in coordination with the production unit, if necessary, drawing up drill documentation, presentation slides for simulations etc.
  • Drill evaluation
  • Documentation as required by the Major Incidents Ordinance (Störfallverordnung)
  • Provision of the infrastructure for a hotline
  • Information from trained personnel and, if required, from other CURRENTA specialist personnel
  • Answering telephone inquiries
  • Provision of announcements, documentation of incoming calls and callbacks
  • Informing people by telephone, cell phone and pager


  • Evacuation drills
  • External alarm
  • Emergency shut-down drills
  • Technical drills
  • Fire department response drills
  • Simulations/incident command drills
  • Crisis management drills
  • Drills with authorities

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