Ecotoxicological Testing

Ecotoxicological Testing

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Ecotoxicological tests are a legal requirement for the licensing and marketing of new substances (industrial chemicals, biocides, crop protection agents), But what studies are actually necessary? How can the necessary tests be performed most efficiently? We support you throughout the process of ecotoxicological testing - from consulting through the final studies, taking all the legal requirements into consideration. We can therefore provide you with important information for the risk assessment of your materials and support you in the licensing of new products.

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Let us be your single source for measurements and interpretations of test results to ensure compliance with all legal requirements. Our studies are accepted by the licensing authorities, which reduces the demand for additional information and additional costs. The required chemical analysis (even of "difficult substances”) is performed by experienced analysts, if necessary down to trace amounts. We are naturally accredited under DIN EN ISO / IEC17025 and all our tests are conducted under GLP conditions.

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