(Electricity) distribution networks

(Electricity) distribution networks

Our services

At the CHEMPARK sites we operate widespread distribution networks for electrical energy at various voltage levels. Based primarily on the (n-1) principle, our distribution networks deliver a reliable and cost-effective electricity supply to help ensure stable production processes and occupational safety in our customers' plants.

Our strengths

We are one of the largest operators of electricity distribution networks at chemical park sites in Germany. The closely meshed structure and redundant distribution capacities support above-average security of supply. With many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of each site, our staff can usually perform maintenance work in our distribution networks without interrupting the electricity supply. We offer a 24/7 service in the event of problems.

Service details

  • Efficient network infrastructure at the CHEMPARK sites
  • Customer integration through the demand-based provision of distributor stations and transformers
  • Comprehensive consulting services for customer connections
  • Available network voltage levels (by site) can be found under http://www.chempark.de/en/electricity.html
  • Specific CURRENTA Utilities services for "electricity distribution networks" can be found under "http://www.currenta.com/energy-services.html".

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