Our services

We supply low-, medium- and high-voltage electricity. Our electricity supply contracts are tailored to your individual demand structures and preferences. We offer a fixed-price model, structured procurement and highly flexible portfolio procurement. Based on the past load profile for electricity and your quantity estimates for the years ahead, we create a forecast load profile and work with you to develop the best and most cost-effective procurement model for your company that takes your individual objectives into account.

Our strengths

We are one of the largest suppliers of electricity at chemical park sites in Germany. We supplement our own electricity supplies by buying electricity on the market through our energy trading department. Our well-trained staff are authorized to operate on various trading centers and they use their comprehensive market expertise to ensure the cost-effective procurement of electricity.

Service details

  • Full-service electricity supply
  • Flexible electricity procurement models
  • Joint development of optional customer-focused electricity procurement models
  • Information on the latest developments on the energy market and the underlying energy regulations
  • Specific CURRENTA Utilities services for "electricity" can be found under "http://www.currenta.com/energy-services.html".

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