Emergency rescue service

Emergency rescue service

Our services

The rapid provision of emergency services can mean the difference between life and death for people involved in road accidents or accidents at the workplace, people exposed to toxic substances or fire, or those who suffer a medical crisis. The emergency rescue service at CHEMPARK ensures that patients receive the necessary medical care without delay. Measures include emergency treatment at the scene of an accident and transport to hospital for further treatment. Employees who have suffered minor injuries are also treated in the framework of the overall safety concept – within the shortest possible time and to the same high quality standard. We will provide you with emergency medical personnel and vehicles if you stage an event.

Our strengths

Owing to our on-site presence at CHEMPARK, we can usually reach any given place on the site within a few minutes. Our Safety and Security Control Center ensures that the emergency services are alerted directly. Our employees are specifically trained for emergencies at CHEMPARK.

Insights gained from deployments are systematically processed and immediately incorporated into the processes and our knowledge base. We work closely with safety departments and authorities and offer you the highest legal security in all services.

Service details

  • Rapid alert by the Safety and Security Control Center
  • Permanent rescue crews for rapid emergency rescue and first aid of injured and sick employees at the CHEMPARK sites in compliance with statutory requirements
  • Stocking drug products selected to meet potential needs at CHEMPARK (in agreement with the Medical Department) and training to deal with chemical hazards
  • Transporting patients within the CHEMPARK site to the Medical Department
  • Transporting patients for further medical treatment
  • Documenting emergency rescue deployments in compliance with statutory requirements
  • Alerting public rescue service as necessary
  • Providing an emergency rescue service on site (personnel and ambulance)
  • Delivering patients to hospital or to a physician when the rescue service has been used


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