Energy services

Energy services

Our services

The energy sector has become a complex area for all market players. The success of industrial customers, in particular, is affected not only by direct energy costs, but also by issues relating to energy management and energy law. Our experts can advise you on all aspects of your company's and your production facility's utility supply. Make the most of our extensive experience in power generation, energy procurement and the management of utility installations to find solutions that suit your company.

Our strengths

Drawing on the extensive experience of our employees, we can support you – quickly and competently – in all matters and tasks relating to utility supply. Any advice we give is both impartial and tailored to your company's specific needs. Thanks to our on-site presence, we are familiar with the facilities and structures of the various CHEMPARK sites and are able to respond quickly.

Service details

  • Energy-related advice for your production facility
  • Support and coordination in dealings with the authorities
  • Advice and support on planning and implementing utility installations
  • Advice and support on testing and maintaining utility installations
  • Special measurements, tests and error analysis of refrigeration plants and water cooling assemblies
  • Special measurements, tests and error analysis in power supply installations
  • Design of measuring systems for electrical power and utilities transported through pipelines
  • Provision of energy consumption data via, e.g., Internet connections
  • Advice and support on and execution of regular tests of product pipelines subject to mandatory testing
  • Advice and support on water management issues and water legislation
  • Advice and support on issues relating to water installations such as cooling towers, heat exchangers, drinking water installations, etc.

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