Environmental Analytics

Environmental Analytics

Our services

Environmental Analytics is your ideal partner for all environment-related issues. The spectrum of services offered ranges from physico-chemical analysis to biological-ecological testing. We analyze specimens of all environment-related compartments (air, water, soil). We identify and quantify organic and inorganic substances down to the ultra-trace range and evaluate them on the basis of the applicable legal standards. We create a customized program of analyses for you, whether the task involves standard testing or the investigation of complex issues.

Our strengths

You benefit from the know-how of our experts in an extremely wide range of scientific disciplines. A systematic and coordinated collaboration among chemists, physicists, biologists, lab technicians and product safety specialists enables us to provide you with high-quality environmental analytics.

Because of our on-site presence at CHEMPARK we are already familiar with local conditions and our customers' products.

Service details

Testing of soil

  • Chemical and physical sum parameters
  • Physical and electrochemical standard methods (e.g. determination of pH or electrical conductivity)
  • Gravimetric analysis
  • Identification of individual organic substances in the trace range, including the identification of unknowns
  • Element analysis and analysis of metals
  • Ion analysis
  • Biological tests (fish, daphnia, algae)
  • Microbiological tests
  • Methods for the testing of wastewater treatment plant function
  • Elucidation of unknown substances in environmental matrices in the trace range
  • Drinking water tests as required by § 15 (4) of the 2001 German Drinking Water Regulations

Testing of soil / waste

  • Expert sampling of soils, construction materials, leakage water or waste, in cooperation with other CURRENTA business units as necessary
  • Analytics as required by the Landfill Regulations, Regulations on Waste Disposal  Records (NachwV) and Solid Waste Disposal Regulations (TA)
  • Analytics of solid waste for incineration
  • Analytics as required by the German Federal Soil Protection Act (BodSchG), the German States Working Group on Waste Disposal (LAGA) and the Municipal Waste Disposal Regulations (TA Si)
  • Tests of buildings in the framework of demolition measures
  • Identification of hazardous waste and monitoring of groundwater measurement sites in the framework of groundwater protection

Testing of air

We perform sampling and analysis of emissions in the following subsectors:

  • Inorganic gases and materials
  • Organic pollutants
  • Particulates and particulate contents
  • Recording of on-site measurements by means of micro gas chromatography
  • Elucidation of unknown substances in the air

For additional information, visit http://www.analytics.currenta.com

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