Environmental management – soil and groundwater

Environmental management – soil and groundwater

Our services

We record, identify and assess contamination of the soil and/or groundwater inside and outside the three CHEMPARK sites and on Bayer real estate. We have many years of experience in drawing up harmful substances reports and disposal concepts relating to demolition measures.

Our strengths

We offer you a portfolio of services that can be precisely tailored to your requirements. Our experience and comprehensive knowledge of processes and plants at the CHEMPARK sites in Dormagen, Krefeld-Uerdingen and Leverkusen ensure that we can offer a complete service package at a favorable price. You benefit from our extensive database and long-established links with regional and local authorities.

Service details

  • Planning and monitoring of demolition measures
  • Planning, commissioning and evaluation (reports) of soil and contaminated site investigations
  • Evaluation of building materials and excavated soil in terms of their suitability for re-usage or disposal
  • On-site presence in case of incidents, e.g. release of substances into the soil
  • Assessment on the basis of pertinent laws and standards, e.g. the BundesBodenSchutzVerordnung (German Soil Protection Act)
  • Drafting of clean-up concepts and management of the rehabilitation project
  • Compliance with the necessary permits to protect water resources when carrying out backfilling work
  • Agreement of the measures with the authorities and reporting of all incidents as required under § 2, paragraph 1 of the LandesBodenschutzgesetz (Federal Soil Protection Act)
  • Documentation of the investigation procedure and clean-up measures

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