Environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring

Our services

Deviations or faults in the operating process can quickly impact on the environment – especially in chemical plants. We monitor the plants and production processes of all our CHEMPARK partners to prevent such events from occurring or, if they do, to initiate counter-measures as quickly as possible. In the event of an incident, we inform the authorities immediately as required by law and help to identify the causes. Our portfolio of services extends from the monitoring of plant and production processes to measurements of air pollution and the preparation of air pollution reports.

Our strengths

As the operator of CHEMPARK, we have many years of experience with the plants and their emissions. We can assess and resolve any potential problems quickly and expertly. Our regular presence in the area has led to a high level of acceptance among the local community. We are always up to date with the latest environmental management practices. Together with the services of the Air Pollution Control Officer, we are able to offer you a complete package.

Service details

  • Monitoring of plants and production processes for all CHEMPARK companies through regular patrols of the site
  • Manning of a central incident reporting office around the clock
  • Chronological documentation and drafting of reports for all notifications, reports and complaints received
  • Mobile measurements of air pollution in the event of an incident
  • Coordination of appropriate measures with the plant operator and response team leader in the event of an incident
  • Notification of the relevant authorities as required by law
  • Investigation of the causes of incidents
  • Measurement of atmospheric concentrations using stationary and mobile equipment for relevant organic and inorganic air pollutants inside the CHEMPARK sites
  • Drafting of an air pollution register for approvals/permits and as a defense against legal action

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