Events service

Events service

Our services

Our events service protects your event from unauthorized entry and intervenes to stop disturbances. It is our duty to protect event participants and material and intellectual property before, during and after the event, and to create a safe environment using preventative measures.

Our personnel greet your guests, check their access clearance and inform you, as their hosts, of any incidents. Participants at your event are well looked after from the moment they arrive, an important element in staging a successful event.

Our strengths

All our sites have qualified experts with very good knowledge specific to their task. We can assess disturbances or observations accurately, then react immediately – with discretion but also with determination – to protect people and property.

Our services are part of the integrated emergency response management system at the sites. This provides us with direct interfaces to all other CHEMPARK security departments.

Service details

  • Planning and coordinating a security concept for your event, taking into account the specialist requirements
  • Planning and coordination (e.g. with the fire department) and commissioning of third parties
  • Instruction of response teams before the event
  • Security measures such as producing and issuing event ID cards and/or controlling access before, during and after the event
  • Informing the Safety and Security Control Center of incidents
  • Initiating intervention measures by the Safety and Security Control Center after assessment of incidents
  • Designing and producing access cards specifically for the event

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