Fire prevention and emergency response

Fire prevention and emergency response

Our services

Our response measures are planned in such a way as to prevent or minimize injury to people and damage to the environment by enabling us to deal with emergencies quickly and in a focused way. Our emergency response concepts are tailored to the potential hazards facing companies at CHEMPARK and have been coordinated with the regulatory authorities. They embrace a large number of services that ensure optimal safety for your operations without you needing to invest in your own personnel and technology resources. You can rely on us to provide an experienced and effective emergency response round the clock 365 days a year.

Our strengths

Thanks to our experience at CHEMPARK, we are able to evaluate problems quickly and accurately, thus minimizing potential damage. When necessary, we use response teams and specialist equipment from the various locations and specialists from other CURRENTA departments. After fire and hazard fighting, we can also perform all the necessary follow-up work quickly, effectively and from a single source. Our close, trusting collaboration with the authorities helps boost our positive public image.

Service details

  • Operating a Safety and Security Control Center to receive emergency calls, alert the service personnel and support emergency response coordination
  • Fire department functions for CHEMPARK in compliance with legal requirements
  • Handling emergency response deployments with contacts in customers’ facilities and all CURRENTA departments involved in emergency response
  • Convening an emergency task force to ensure cooperation between CURRENTA managers and the Safety and Security Control Center
  • Deploying qualified senior fire protection personnel to assume control of technical incident command on site
  • Providing qualified response and management personnel and planning, procuring and maintaining emergency vehicles
  • Ongoing training and development of emergency response personnel, aligned with the specific needs of CHEMPARK
  • Integrating the personnel and equipment belonging to the fire departments of other sites or municipal fire departments
  • Input and support in drawing up the necessary alarm and emergency response plans for the CHEMPARK site (AGACP/AGAB)
  • Plant security measures carried out by emergency response personnel
  • Cleaning and/or decontaminating affected areas
  • Technical support as required
  • Support in discussions with the authorities
  • Calling in and looking after experts and appraisers
  • Deployment follow-up
  • Support according to TUIS (transport accident information and emergency response scheme) guidelines
    Level 1: Telephone advice
    Level 2: Expert advice at accident site
    Level 3: Technical assistance at accident site

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