Vorbeugender Brandschutz

Preventative and emergency fire protection

An integrated site Fire Department concept safeguards emergency response at CHEMPARK. Even at the planning stage, our fire protection experts have an eye on the relevant safety aspects, for example fire protection walls, fire protection installations, and ensuring that escape and rescue routes are laid out correctly. We carry out fire inspections, work with the plants to draw up alarm and emergency response plans and inspect and maintain extinguishers. The Fire Department instructs your employees regularly in matters of safety and stages regular emergency drills with the plants.

Speed and precision are decisive if a fire occurs. Extinguishing fires, ensuring the correct technical assistance is provided in complicated incidents typical for the chemical industry, protecting lives and assets – all these require a highly-qualified and well-trained team, special know-how and the necessary technical resources.

All aspects of emergency response, coordination of emergency services and, where necessary, communication with the authorities come together in our Safety & Security Control Center to minimize damage.

Safety & Security
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