Gas Analytics

Gas Analytics

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Process chromatography provides valuable information about many parts of the plant under a wide range of operating conditions. Reaction processes and wastewater treatment can be monitored on line and emission and atmospheric concentration limits can be tested. We offer process analytics by means of online micro-GC measurements. They provide qualitative and quantitative information about organic and inorganic compounds in gas phases from the high percentage range to the lower ppm range. They can also be used for sampling processes at higher temperatures and can be connected to a heated transfer line.

Our strengths

Let us be your expert partner for all tasks that are necessary in the range of gas and air analysis on site in the production plants, from analysis through evaluation to the interpretation of the results. Our employees are experienced specialists who are familiar with a wide variety of applications. Thanks to our optimally equipped inventory of instruments we can quickly offer customized and highly efficient solutions - even for problems never encountered before.

Service details

Online measurements at an interval of minutes:

  • Inert gas components such as N2, H2, O2
  • Hydrocarbons such as methane, ethane, propane
  • Aromatic hydrocarbons in the distillation range of benzene, toluene and chlorobenzene

Online or in-place measurements over several weeks:

  • Complex gas mixtures of organic aliphatic and aromatic as well as inorganic components of, for example, SO2, H2S, COS, CO, HCN, CO2 (waste air and process gases from the lower ppm range to concentrations of 100%)


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