Technical gases

Technical gases

Our services

We supply companies at the CHEMPARK sites with technical gases via wide-branching distribution networks. We filter technical gases from national supply networks and feed these into our own distribution networks at various pressure levels via our gas pressure measurement and regulation plants. We temporarily bridge bottlenecks in oxygen or nitrogen supplies with our own supply reserves to prevent customer production downtimes. Economies of scale generated during procurement ensure the provision of technical gases at competitive prices.

Our strengths

We are one of the largest suppliers of technical gases at chemical park sites in Germany.  With our own supply reserves and suitable evaporator facilities, we ensure a reliable supply of nitrogen and oxygen in the short term in case of bottlenecks. With many years of experience and knowledge of the facilities and structures at each site, our staff provide expert advice on a wide range of process requirements.

Service details

  • Full-service supply for oxygen and nitrogen
  • Cost-effective procurement thanks to economies of scale achieved by bundling demand
  • Supply reserves
  • Consulting services taking customer-specific process requirements into account
  • Pressure levels for nitrogen and oxygen (by site) can be found under
  • Specific CURRENTA Utilities services for "technical gases" can be found under "".

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