Guideline: Health, safety, environmental and quality policy

1 Management system
Our integrated management system incorporates all the key aspects of corporate management and ensures the practical implementation of the policy at the company. The system is designed to satisfy our customers’ demands, our own requirements and the relevant standards. Top priority is given to compliance with the applicable laws. We endeavor to keep on improving the effectiveness of our management system and achieve this by setting measurable targets and initiating appropriate measures.
Regular checks are made to ensure that these measures are being implemented and that our management system satisfies internal and external requirements.
2 Management
Our management team are aware of the example they set the workforce. They are responsible for actual implementation of the policy and ongoing improvements in all areas of activity. They help employees carry out the tasks assigned to them and encourage their development because they know that the only way to satisfy our customers’ tough requirements is with motivated and creative staff.
3 Employees
The skills, commitment, creativity and performance of our staff and their ability to work as a team lay the foundation for CURRENTA’s economic success. These capabilities are nurtured through targeted continuing education measures. All staff are encouraged to propose and implement measures to improve quality, health and safety and environmental protection.
4 Employee representatives
We work openly and constructively with employee representatives and ensure they are involved in the process of finding solutions in the areas of health, safety and environmental protection in accordance with their rights and obligations.
5 Dialog
We actively seek dialog with our customers and are aware of their wishes, requirements, and problems. We keep our staff and customers, the local community around the chemical park sites and the public informed of the latest developments on a regular basis. We take concerns and complaints very seriously and do our utmost to resolve them. We also set great store on maintaining a relationship of trust with the authorities.
6 Product stewardship
We design our products and services so as to help boost the economic success, occupational health and safety, plant safety and security, environmental protection and product quality of both our customers and our own company.
7 Environmental protection
We take into account possible effects on the environment when planning new procedures and facilities and developing existing ones. Production procedures and processes are developed taking into consideration the ecological and economic requirements and options in order to preserve natural resources on a sustained basis and further reduce emissions and waste.

8 Occupational health and safety
We expect our staff and contractors to work safely in accordance with the legal regulations and CURRENTA’s objectives to protect their own health and that of those around them. The supervisor is in charge of safety at the workplace, the safe operation of processes and the provision of the necessary resources. Potential hazards are identified at an early stage and limited to an acceptable level. We encourage our staff to be health conscious and employ a team of occupational health specialists.

9 Plant safety and security and hazard prevention
We improve plant safety and security on an ongoing basis. Facilities and processes are inspected as appropriate and equipped and operated with state-of-the-art safety and security systems. We protect our equipment against unauthorized tampering and our effective emergency response strategy ensures that, if an incident occurs, the risk to man and the environment and the damage to facilities and equipment are minimized. Incidents are analyzed to establish their potential consequences in order to see whether lessons can be learned and measures introduced to improve safety and security.

10 Quality
Customer satisfaction is key to sustained and successful business development. We keep our customers happy with competitive products that satisfy their requirements. We learn from mistakes and reduce the number of errors made, thereby improving our efficiency and the quality of our processes and products.

11 Logistics safety
We ensure that the risks involved in the transport, transfer and storage of goods are steadily reduced. Under the TUIS (transport accident information and emergency response system) for incidents resulting from the transport and storage of chemical products in Germany, we provide fast, professional and unbureaucratic assistance round the clock.

12 Procurement
We consider not only price but also product and delivery quality, environmental protection and occupational safety when assessing potential suppliers and contractors for the provision of products and services.

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