Handling reports of suspected occupational illness

Handling reports of suspected occupational illness

Our services

If there is suspicion that employees are suffering from an occupational illness, there must be an investigation of whether the illness is in fact caused by the job. If the suspicion is confirmed, the employee can claim compensation from the relevant employers' accident liability insurance association. We provide advice on reports of suspected occupational illness and help you investigate when and for how long the employee was exposed to which hazardous influences in the workplace.

Our strengths

Our many years’ experience of handling hazardous substances and the threat they pose to health enables us to reconstruct any hazard potential in the past, provided data are available on historical workflows. This means you can be sure of evaluating suspected occupational illnesses correctly. Our knowledge of both the operational situation and the legal position is extensive, enabling us to handle even complex tasks professionally.

Service details

  • Investigating the work history of places of work and activities
  • Reconstructing historical workflows and hazard potential
  • Qualitative investigation of former noxious influences such as noise, dust and hazardous chemical substances
  • Quantitative estimation of exposure


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