Healthy working environment

Healthy working environment

Our services

The physical and emotional health of your employees, and their commitment to their work, is greatly influenced by the satisfaction they find at and in their work. However, the human-work relationship is not always as easy as we would wish. We bring stress from our private lives to work, and take problems at work home with us. Our counseling and preventative services help to promote, maintain or restore the harmony between personal needs and the demands of the workplace.

Our strengths

We ensure the best possible success in counseling and therapy by intertwining addiction and psychosocial counseling. Affected parties are given integrated care from the initial consultation to the end of the course of treatment or counseling.
CHEMPARK customers benefit from our knowledge of the plants on site and the direct contact with employees and managers, ensuring quick access to counseling.

Our reputation in this field extends far beyond the boundaries of the Bayer Group thanks to our extensive experience and success in this area.


Service details

Addiction counseling and therapy for substance-related addictions (alcohol, medication, drugs) and non-substance related addictions (gambling, eating disorders)

  • Counseling and treatment for the affected parties and their families, colleagues and supervisors
  • Company training courses / preventative events
  • Contact and motivation discussions
  • Crisis intervention (counseling in acute cases)
  • Out-patient, extra-occupational withdrawal therapies in the form of individual and group discussion sessions
  • Initiation of in-patient long-term therapies
  • Re-integration to work and provision of aftercare

Psychological safety counseling

  • Advice on issues related to the psychology of occupational safety
  • Training concept dealing with responsibility and safety
  • Series of seminars "Mit Sicherheit gemeinsam vorn!" (= “Safely first together”, in German only)
  • Advice and support for individuals with active responsibility for operational safety

Psychosocial counseling

  • Problem and conflict resolution counseling for professional and personal issues
  • Development of appropriate action strategies and provision of help inside and outside the workplace for employees who
    • find themselves in a stressful situation in the workplace or in their private life which is having a detrimental effect on their performance level,
    • are in financial difficulties or
    • are suffering from post-traumatic disorders (e.g. after serious accidents) or are suffering the consequences of social tensions and conflicts

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